How Office Interior Design Can Improve Your Mood

An office is a place to get work done, dusted and sent off to the boss. Work is also, on average, where we will spend 1/3 of our life. Some business operators are quite happy to pay attention to the interior design of their place. The functionality and sophistication of furniture, the colour schemes, clever office lighting, all adds up to affect an employee’s mood.

And these business operators are on to something, because just as luxury Perth furniture has its place within the home, it too, has its rightful place in the office.

Want to know how office interior design and furniture can improve your mood?

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The comforts of furniture

You’re probably already aware and have experienced the aches of pains of sitting down for long periods of time. This is the sore reality of many 9-5 office workers, even more so when their employers haven’t invested in ergonomic furniture.

Say goodbye to:

  • Stressed joints,
  • Generalised aches and pains,
  • Decrease in employee efficiency and productivity, and
  • An increased risk of other health issues.

Consider these furniture options to replace the bland and depressing kinds:

  • TYLER WHEELS by Cattelan Italia, an office chair that blends wood and fabric, comfort and style.
  • Moon Round Table by Gubi, serving structural and ornamental function with careful focus on design and craftsmanship.
  • In the foyer or waiting room of your business, you should definitely consider the Wittman range of superbly designed and hand-crafted armchairs and sofas.


The beauty of colour

Bright skies make many of us feel warm and happier than dreary, grey and cloudy days.

It’s no different within the walls of your workspace.

Consider the below for your work’s interior design colouring:

  • Vibrant colours like blue and light green, reds and yellow have been proven to make employees feel more awake and also more relaxed.
  • Tranquil colour palettes have their rightful place though too, so don’t paint away all your whites, greys and brown colouring.

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The creation of cheerful meeting spaces

Many workplaces and office spaces need to accommodate visitors. So, it’s so important to create a designated area to meet people.

What does this mean?

  • An efficient working space should account for meeting spaces where employees and external visitors collaborate on projects and share ideas.
  • Work with an interior designer to create a space that will impress your employees and visitors and experience how your company culture will thrive.
  • See how colour, furniture and clever space areas combine to improve mood for employees, visitors and guests.

It’s all possible with the Perth luxury furniture and interior design experts at Ultimo Interiors.


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