Rolf Benz


Since 1964, the German firm Rolf Benz has been doing its bit to reduce death by bad home furnishing. Because Rolf Benz has been producing sofas for more than 50 years. Some say they are the most desirable sofas made since humans discovered the sheer physical pleasure of sitting back and relaxing but not quite lying down.

ROLF BENZ – the architecture of comfort.

Owning a sofa from ROLF BENZ is an expression of good taste; building one is a passion. It all starts with the design. Design that won’t seem un-modern tomorrow simply because it was fashionable yesterday. Design that offers the best framework for the things you don’t see at first glance, but rather the things you feel: the feeling of how every ounce, every bone and every muscle of your body is experiencing the support and comfort that is in its nature.

To put it succinctly: Quality. Visible and invisible luxury with concealed functions for incomparable relaxation. From the construction to the coverings, ROLF BENZ has set its own standards in terms of quality – and the result? Furniture that is, even today, still made largely by hand and offers the sort of quality that you simply won’t find elsewhere.