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Leading high-end contemporary furniture and interior design Perth showrooms. Dedicated to providing authentic and original pieces designed and crafted in Europe.


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Whether you are completing a home, furnishing a small space, or searching for that one exclusive designer piece, ULTIMO have exactly what you are looking for.


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The ULTIMATE Destination for European Design – kitchens, furniture, lighting. Our 1,600sqm showroom features spectacular displays comprised of stunning collections.


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Whether you are completing a new home, renovating a space, furnishing an apartment, or searching for that one exclusive stand-alone designer piece, ULTIMO is the ultimate destination for European interior design in Perth: kitchens, furniture, lighting, outdoor, and accessories.


NOVAMOBILI is a leader and landmark of Italian design for the home. Behind this brand is an impressive tradition of over 40 years, continuous research and a genuine commitment to sustainable development.  The NOVAMOBILI collection is diversified in style to include systems and furnishings for any interior space: bookcases, storage systems, closets, wardrobes, kitchen, vanities, tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, and beds.


We want to beautify the lives of our customers with unique upholstered furniture tailored to your individual needs. We are committed to sustainable production and the gentle consumption of resources. No other piece of furniture stands for family and home as much as the sofa. It is the place where you feel most comfortable together, the heart of your own four walls. Here family and friends meet for a cosy get-together, dreaming, relaxing, talking or resting. To create seating that conveys security in which everyone can sit comfortably. 


Wittmann Mobelwerkstatten have steadily evolved over the past 120 years and yet have managed to stay young. The company founded as a saddlery in 1896 starting furniture production in 1950. Johannes Spalt, Josef Hoffmann, Borek Sipek, Matteo Thun, Re-Edition Friedrich Kiesler, Soda Designers, Polka, Marco Dessi have deisgned for Wittmann. A new style has been born with the Wittmann Hayon Workshop : eclectic, exciting, Mediterranean-baroque and yet timeless. The collection embodies zest for life and confidence.

Petite Friture

PETITE FRITURE is an “Editeur de designs” founded in 2009 and run by Amelie Du Passage. Through its original collaborations with designers coming from various fields Petite Friture thrives on the need to give new life to products, places and moments that are beautiful, light and delicate. All of this is tempered with the same spirit and created with the same demanding levels of results. At Petite Friture they have a taste for emerging and audacious creation that bypasses frontiers and arouses emotion.

Cattelan Italia

CATTELAN ITALIA infuse luxe living with state of the art design and quality materials, for innovative products with a strong visual impact and design longevity within the home. CATTELAN ITALIA initially launched with pieces that incorporated marble elements. This quickly expanded to a contemporary mix of elements including wood, glass, leather and metal to create the unique pieces that have marked CATTELAN ITALIA as a leading brand in the furniture design industry.


The word archetype derives from old Greek and its meaning refers to the concepts of idea, image, original model ( arche: original – tipos: model) The name Arketipo was chosen by the Tuscan company because its meaning contains the idea of original and distinctive design. The word expresses the know how of Arketipo Firenze, which has been developed through the search for high quality materials and the study of new design forms. ideas become unique and original items.

Gallotti & Radice

Purity & Elegance. GALLOTTI & RADICE is characterised by detailed production, great understanding and mastery of the various work processes. The workmanship allows for avante-garde design, elegant shapes, and product quality. Crystal stands out as a strong and discreet protagonist in their collections and GALLOTTI & RADICE have assumed the role of continuing the development of “genuine” glass designs – a tradition that transcends generations.

Rolf Benz

Owning a sofa from ROLF BENZ is an expression of good taste; building one is a passion. It all starts with the design. Design that won’t seem un-modern tomorrow simply because it was fashionable yesterday. Design that offers the best framework for the things you don’t see at first glance, but rather the things you feel: the feeling of how every ounce, every bone and every muscle of your body is experiencing the support and comfort that is in its nature.

Royal Botania

ROYAL BOTANIA – an allusion to both the natural beauty of lush botanic gardens and the matching supreme “royal class” furniture. Initially the focus of ROYAL BOTANIA was to fuse superb quality and refreshing designs made out of teak wood. Quickly the company became internationally synonymous with luxurious quality and design. The reputation and brand name gained worldwide recognition.


Modulnova style is elegant and clean, combines simplicity of form and rationality in organisation of space, and is designed to meet the needs of functionality and practicality of everyday life. Modulnova offers living solutions to experience the home with a contemporary feel, a mood in which essential design, elegant finishes and the high quality and originality of the materials used come together to create an authentic Italian Style.


Being an established value within the premium segment, the Belgian design furniture company JORI designs and develops since 1963 contemporary seating furniture, tables and interior accessories in cooperation with international top designers. JORI ‘s DNA translates as customised flexible seating comfort, innovative timeless design and a guaranteed product quality, thanks to the 100% Belgian craftsmanship and the choice of top-quality materials. 

Established in 1998, ULTIMO has grown from a local upholstery manufacturing business to a world class design destination.

With over 1,600sqm of life-styled displays, the showroom features stunning collections for bedroom, living, dining and outdoor spaces across a range of styles and suited to various budgets.

Servicing both residential and commercial markets, ULTIMO also sources designs from around the globe including many décor products from custom fabrics to wall papers; lighting to bespoke artisanal rug designs.

Amongst the collection Ultimo now features works by Aldo Cibic, Jamie Durie, Gam Fratesi, Martino Gamper, Constance Guisset, Sebastian Herkner, Daniel Liebskind, Mauro Lipparini, Vico Magistretti, Enzo Mari, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, Christophe Pillet, Philippe Starck, Faye Toogood, Patricia Urquiola, Marcel Wanders and Bethan Laura Wood.

Interior Design Services

ULTIMO designs and furnishes stunning interiors for residential and commercial projects. Paramount to our mission is delivering innovative and unique design to suit your project whilst respecting the style, budget and IP of your creation, your space, and your lifestyle. Designs that keep satisfying their brief being the true mark of timelessness.

With an internationally qualified and experienced team, we pride ourselves on resolving highly individual spaces for design outcomes as unique as the lives they embrace.

From preferred design styles to incorporating specific cultural qualities, we will find designs and finishes you will want forever.