Enjoying peace and tranquility. 

Marking the birth of a new creative direction for the builder, this stunning home indeed has all the right curves in all the right places. Spacious; generous; volumes of perfect proportion give a weightlessness not only to the built architecture but to the observer experience as well. Sitting lightly yet expansively on the block in true prairie style, the sensitivity to site and environment is discernible. Rooflines caressing mature trees. Openings flooding sun loungers with light. High glazing elevating the stance of the site. With fascination this home looks back at mid-century cues whilst looking to a new future with a confident poise. Proving the merits of a time when elegance was about simplicity, comfort and fine materials, and then adding technology and precision that set new benchmarks for residential architecture.

The interiors had to follow suit. Visually light and functionally driven designs were selected with planar surface textures to reflect the materiality of the built language. Finishes such as brushed bronze and potoro ceramic add to the tactile qualities of the home. Lounge suits that can recline in full, yet fold away easily, allow rooms to transform from elegant conversation zones to grand-child entertainment areas. The peace and tranquility of this residence is also informed by carefully placed points of focus and contrast. Made-to-measure furniture pieces and commissioned art works from the Ultimo Interiors Linton&Kay Gallery, adhere the structural with the beautiful in this true example of an inspiring, grand design.

Builder – Giorgi Architects & Builders


Interior Concept and Styling – Ultimo Interiors

Art & Commissioned Works – Linton & Kay Gallery @Ultimo Interiors

Furniture and Objet – Ultimo Interiors

Photography – D-Max Photography