Petite Friture

 to arouse emotions that send out vibrations through time and space.

Each project is born of an intuitive and optimistic encounter between editor, emerging and established designers and demanding manufacturers.

PETITE FRITURE is an “Editeur de designs” founded in 2009 and run by Amelie du passage.

Through its original collaborations with designers coming from various fields Petite Friture thrives on the need to give new life to products, places and moments that are beautiful, light and delicate. All of this is tempered with the same spirit and created with the same demanding levels of results. At Petite Friture they have a taste for emerging and audacious creation that bypasses frontiers and arouses emotion. And a convistion:creation has no worth unless it is shared. In order for you to discover the talents that they are so passionate about, Petite Friture invites you into a surprising experience with the will to make you smile.