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How to add opulent gold accents to your home or office

Gold, both the colour and precious metal is synonymous with wealth and luxury. This notion rings truer when blended with shades of black. If you’re looking to establish an atmosphere akin to wealth, luxury and prestige – then you really can’t go past the masterful accents of gold throughout your interiors. Whether in the home, or the office, when done right, gold accents, subtle gold furniture and accessories really make its mark.     Want to know how to successfully add opulent gold accents to your home or office?   Read more from the Perth luxury furniture specialists and interior designers at Ultimo Interiors, to find out.   Illuminate your interiors with gold lighting...

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Magic mirror on the wall: which one is the greatest of them all?

  Mirrors are much more than reflective glass for you to check yourself in before leaving for the day. In fact, mirrors can transform a space entirely, into a brighter, more dynamic and deceptively more spacious area. That doesn’t mean you should fill your home, office or interior design project with countless mirrors. As with anything interior design, there is a sweet spot – yet with so many mirrors on the market, how can you possibly know what one will beautify and complement your interiors? This begs the question: magic mirror on the wall, which one is the greatest of them all? Read more from the Perth luxury furniture team at Ultimo Interiors, on choosing the right mirror for...

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Colour Psychology in Interior Design

Discover the emotional effects of colour psychology in interior design.   The power of colour to elicit certain emotions within us is called Colour Psychology. We can use these colours to create a mood or encourage an activity in the space.   Colour psychology is an important tool in interior design. It has the power to influence the mood of a room. Different shades can evoke different emotions, so it is important to consider what kind of atmosphere you are trying to create, and which colours will help you do this. Ultimo Interiors uses Perth’s top designer furniture and colour psychology to help you create your dream space.   Many ostentatious colours increase energy and...

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3 furniture tips for the home office

With so many people now working from home, either part time or in full – it makes ultimate sense to create a completely functional and aesthetic home office. Want to know 3 furniture tips for the home office? Read more from the home of Perth luxury furniture, Ultimo Interiors, to find out how to achieve home office style perfection.   The perfect office desk What is a home office without an aptly sized, desk to act as your workspace? When working from home, it’s still important to create an ergonomic set-up, and that means sourcing a desk that fits your body type and size. Also, it needs to fit spaciously within your home office, leaving enough room for other furniture pieces and moving...

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