3 furniture tips for the home office

With so many people now working from home, either part time or in full – it makes ultimate sense to create a completely functional and aesthetic home office.

Want to know 3 furniture tips for the home office?

Read more from the home of Perth luxury furniture, Ultimo Interiors, to find out how to achieve home office style perfection.


The perfect office desk

What is a home office without an aptly sized, desk to act as your workspace?

When working from home, it’s still important to create an ergonomic set-up, and that means sourcing a desk that fits your body type and size.

Also, it needs to fit spaciously within your home office, leaving enough room for other furniture pieces and moving around. Its top should be spacious, enough to fit a laptop, PC and multiple monitors (if that’s how you work), room for stationery and of course, the much-appreciated coffee.

Ultimo Interiors have an elaborate array of desks that combine style with function, available for your viewing pleasure at our Perth luxury furniture showroom in Osborne Park.


A stylish, yet ergonomic chair

As important as the home office desk, if not even more, is the home office chair.

An ergonomic office chair is essential to allow you to work smoothly, without causing postural issues. Like your office desk, choose a chair that meets your height and body requirements.

Seek a cushioned seat and perhaps a swivel chair for ease of use, too.

Great contenders

  • Ares by I4Mariani is an attractive choice that achieves ergonomic essentiality and style aesthetics. With its swivel, tilt and lift mechanisms, this high back executive armchair is an enviable, luxurious addition to any home office.
  • Garbo, again brought to you by I4Mariani. These Italian designed and made office armchairs come in an array of looks, finished with the finest details. Embrace the flexibility of office armchairs, executive, conference and even low back armchairs.

Talk to our friendly, dedicated showroom staff to find and experience the office armchair needed to achieve your work goals.


A sophisticated sofa

We all need a place to gather our thoughts. An office sofa is a great way to take a break from desk work, even for an hour.

Consider the following to wind down in your home office:

  • Miles Sofa by Wittmann. Experience the inviting, soft, plush comfort of the Miles Sofa, meticulously brought to life by luxury European furniture designer, Sebastian Herkner. Recharge your batteries with this highly alluring stylish sofa.
  • Sit back, put your feet up and take a single moment to relax in comfort during your working day with Sin Seaty from Arketipo. Finished in either fabric or leather, and available with a swivel base and matching pouf, unlock some me-time comfort in your office, today.


Ultimo Interiors have the luxury furniture you need for your home office. Not only do we display and stock a range of office desks and chairs, but we have luxury pendants and storage solutions to complete the look.

Work from the comfort of your home but feel as though you’re in the stylish setting and ambience of an inner-city office.


Looking for luxury home office furniture in Perth?

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