Minimalist design ideas for the entire house

Dining rooms can be a notoriously hard space to get right. If you truly care about creating beautiful interiors, you’ll know that it’s more than a room or space with merely a dining table and chairs.

Like everything in interior design – there’s too much and then there’s too little. Under-furnishing your dining area can jar your visitors and too much can overwhelm their eyes and minds.

With so many shapes and sizes of dining rooms and spaces, there’s really no wonder why many people are left scratching their head with what to do (and not to do).

Want to know how to divinely decorate your dining room? It starts by avoiding the below mistakes.

Less is more in modern interior design. This trend if you don’t know by now is referred to as ‘minimalism.’

However, contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean stripping every room in your house down to its bare bones. No décor equates to no personality.

There’s a definite sweet spot to hit when it comes to minimalist design and our design team are here to help you understand and implement it.

Looking for minimalist design inspirations to utilise throughout your entire house?

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Marble and Leather Side Table

Don’t go big, go small

Instead of the embellishments in design like tufts and studs, focus your luxury furniture searches on straight, clean lines.

This look is what you need for a minimalist living room.

So, a small couch? No – not exactly. Think more of a lounge suite that boasts a delicate, small profile that skips out on the chunky arms and bulky look.

Get the look:


Raise it on up

From the smaller rooms to the large spaces, raising furniture off the ground is a minimalist design tip your furniture can easily achieve.

Why is this important?

  • Interior space is all about energy and flow.
  • By raising furniture up and off the floor, you’re allowing the flow of air underneath, which provides the illusion of more space and an undeniable, uncluttered feel.

Avoid heavy-set furniture that moves all the way to the ground.


Keep clear of cushions

Cushions have a functional and stylish place in interior design, for sure. In minimalist design though, it’s best to put them away. For seamless, identifiable minimalist design, don’t go for more than two or three cushions on a three-seater sofa lounge.

Consider having two cushions that match the colour of your sofa lounge, and perhaps one accent, subtly patterned cushion to make it pop.


Dining room minimalism

Reducing jarring visual chaos and excess is necessary for minimalist dining rooms.

Of course, eyes should be drawn to style elements in the space, but not overwhelmed.

Here are some minimalist style ideas for your dining area:

  • Round tables with an interesting, eye-catching material (think timber grain or glass).
  • Dining chairs with a daring silhouette (remember to ditch the bulk and fussy upholstered chairs of other style trends).
  • Consider an uncluttered textured sideboard – a mirror above it would look divine, as well.
  • Why not a dining room pendant, too?


Keeping it simple in the bedroom

Your bedroom is an oasis. Keeping it simple in design aspects with luxury furniture is easy to achieve if you know where to start.

What to consider:

  • Minimal or no-fuss bedframes
  • Thin profile bedside tables
  • Keep your love for cushions under control here, too!

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