Stylish Ways to use pendant lights above your dining table

above your dining table

A dining table sets the scene for a lot of joy, laughs and good times.

With the right interior design, your dining area can really set the scene for not only meals, but style and atmospheric ambiance too.

One way to do so is by using dining room pendant lights.

Want to see how it’s done? Read on from the Perth luxury furniture team at Ultimo Interiors to find out.

Rectangular dining tables

Do you currently have or are dreaming of a rectangular dining table? There’s a reason why they’re loved in interior design savvy spaces, and it has a lot to do with formality.

After all, who doesn’t love the look and feel of clean lines?

When you have a rectangular shaped dining table, there’s two stylish pendant options you can rely on to speak to the rectangular shape below it.

What are they?

  • Long and parallel pendant light

This option can’t help but feel safe and structured with its capacity to mirror and run the length of the rectangular dining table. This is a great way to combine conventional order with luxe living.

It’s wise to choose a pendant light that doesn’t run the entire length of your rectangular table.

  • Single circle pendant light

This is a great way to bring dimension, visual aesthetics, and variation to the setting.

Of course, circle pendant lights are rarely hard to come by – so you can tailor the look and finishing touches of it, too. Alternatively, you can count on the interior design services at Ultimo Interiors to take the hard work out of your dining area design.

For your circle pendant, don’t allow it to be wider than the rectangular dining table. It will only throw the area off-balance.


Round and oval dining tables

Round dining tables are the hero of smaller dining rooms and spaces. These dining table designs also have the capability to squeeze more people around it – without deterring from the look and feel.

There’s a handful of pendant light options for round dining tables.

What are they?

  • Single circle pendant light

Touched on above, this pendant style is great to ground your space without overwhelming it. It’s a minimalistic choice, but a sound interior design feature, nonetheless.

This is a great way to achieve visual effects and a sense of luxury with a modern twist.

Feel free to experiment with architectural shaped pendant lights for your round table.

Why? Because the simplicity of the round table allows you to be bold and elaborate up above. Only if you want to, of course.

You should follow the same pendant style guidelines for an oval dining table as you would a rectangular dining table.

Marble and Leather Side Table

Square dining tables

Square shaped dining tables are becoming rarer by the day because they’re notoriously ‘finnicky.’

However, that doesn’t have to mean you can’t make pendant lights above it work.

Consider adding the following:

A collection (three is the magic number) of round or geometric pendant lights at different heights is recommended for square dining tables.



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