Magic mirror on the wall: which one is the greatest of them all?


Mirrors are much more than reflective glass for you to check yourself in before leaving for the day.

In fact, mirrors can transform a space entirely, into a brighter, more dynamic and deceptively more spacious area.

That doesn’t mean you should fill your home, office or interior design project with countless mirrors. As with anything interior design, there is a sweet spot – yet with so many mirrors on the market, how can you possibly know what one will beautify and complement your interiors?

This begs the question: magic mirror on the wall, which one is the greatest of them all?

Read more from the Perth luxury furniture team at Ultimo Interiors, on choosing the right mirror for your space.


Where will it hang?


Before you start your all-important quest for the most magical mirror in town, you should first choose the perfect place to hang it.


Some further considerations regarding this:

  • Know not just the room, but which wall it would look and function best on.
  • Remember, the mirror will reflect whatever it faces.

A smart idea is to take a photo of the wall you choose, allowing a visual tool for when you go mirror shopping.


Sizing specifications for your mirror


There’s no one size fits all when it comes to the perfect mirror to complement the perfect space.

Your Perth luxury furniture team have compiled different specifications based on mirror sizing.



What are they?


  • Small to medium mirrors

Did you now that small and medium sized mirrors have the greatest impact when hung in a group of other mirrors? This is because each mirror will seamlessly reflect light and the room in distinctive ways. A large, creative pattern in your small to medium mirror hanging will undoubtedly become an eye catching addition to your interiors.


  • Large mirrors

Solo, large mirrors, particularly those with a thicker frame will draw wanted attention to the wall in which it hangs upon.


  • Extra-large mirrors

Want to be bold? Extra-large, frameless mirrors work fantastically well to provide the illusion of more space.

Mirror size isn’t the only thing to think about, there’s all the different shapes to decide upon, too.



Choosing the shape of your mirror(s)


There are three general categories for mirror shapes. These are rectangular or square mirrors, long rectangle mirrors and of course, the classic round mirror.

While sleek sophistication is on offer when you choose a rectangular or square mirror, long rectangular mirror shapes can make ceilings feel higher, or rooms feel wider.

Finally, rounded mirrors give off an air of elegance, and a playful mood can be achievable too if the rounded frame is bright and bold.



The home of magical mirrors in Perth


At Ultimo Interiors, we don’t claim that our mirror collections have magical powers.

However, we do agree that we stock some of the finest, stylish and design-ready mirrors which complement any and all interior spaces.


Looking for a stylish mirror to elevate your interiors?

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