How to add opulent gold accents to your home or office

Gold, both the colour and precious metal is synonymous with wealth and luxury. This notion rings truer when blended with shades of black. If you’re looking to establish an atmosphere akin to wealth, luxury and prestige – then you really can’t go past the masterful accents of gold throughout your interiors.

Whether in the home, or the office, when done right, gold accents, subtle gold furniture and accessories really make its mark.



Want to know how to successfully add opulent gold accents to your home or office?


Read more from the Perth luxury furniture specialists and interior designers at Ultimo Interiors, to find out.


Illuminate your interiors with gold lighting pendants


Lighting is so much more than a functional necessity so we can live in our homes and do our work with ease.

Yet, it’s also lighting that can significantly impact the look and feel of your home or workspace.

Gold pendants, such as the G.R.A. Gold Pendant, designed by Bruno Rainaldi, brought to you proudly by the Terzani brand, that effortlessly adds opulence in any space.

This pendant, made of gold leaf and metal is stunningly ornate and visually appealing.

A truly hand-crafted delight, you can find the G.R.A Gold Pendant and many others like it, conveniently located in the Ultimo Interiors furniture showroom in Osborne Park.


Take a seat in luxury, amongst the luxury


Looking for other ways to add opulent gold accents to your home or office? It may pay to look towards your choice of chairs. Upholstered chairs with subtle, yet still eye catching golden legs can be the answer you’ve been searching for.

The stylish chairs you seek are sitting at Ultimo Interiors, waiting to be chosen for your luxury home or office.


Accessorise with opulence


From mirrors to coffee tables, bowls and flowerpots – here and there, you can truly use gold anywhere.


Here are some styling product ideas you can find right here at Ultimo Interiors:


  • Gold Mategot Bowl by Gubi – born from a regular fruit bowl, designed into an artistic, yet still functional piece way back in 1953. For nearly 70 years, this design has brought a welcomed pop of colour to many a setting.
  • The Golden Moon coffee table, designed by Massimo Castagna, brought to you by the well-known and highly regarded Gallotti & Radice. This coffee table is fit with a bright, circular brass plate, which contrasts seamlessly with the glass.
  • The Gubi Round M is a simple yet sophisticated mirror that comes with a wide array of benefits. For instance, its presence brings the room its placed in additional depth, extra dimensions, and it’s elegant golden edges both softens and provides warms to the atmosphere.


Get inspired with Ultimo Interiors


Gold, as previously mentioned brings to light an air of luxury, class, wealth and sophistication.

The furniture and accessories at Ultimo Interiors add the opulence you need for design-focused home and/or office.


Looking for the right materials and accents to make your space luxurious?

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