How to divinely decorate your dining room (by avoiding the below)

Dining rooms can be a notoriously hard space to get right. If you truly care about creating beautiful interiors, you’ll know that it’s more than a room or space with merely a dining table and chairs.

Like everything in interior design – there’s too much and then there’s too little. Under-furnishing your dining area can jar your visitors and too much can overwhelm their eyes and minds.

With so many shapes and sizes of dining rooms and spaces, there’s really no wonder why many people are left scratching their head with what to do (and not to do).

Want to know how to divinely decorate your dining room? It starts by avoiding the below mistakes.

Not mixing and matching

Contrary to popular belief, dining rooms and areas look better when they are made up of different materials and colours.

So, steer clear of buying those package deal dining suites.

Why avoid the same materials and colours?

  • Too much of the same colour
  • It overwhelms
  • And can even make the room feel uninviting

Instead, think of the array of style options that are available to you.

Consider mixing timber dining tables with upholstered chairs, or even glass or marble tables with leather dining chairs.


Wrong rug dimensions

Plenty of dining rooms and spaces are too small to incorporate a rug underneath the dining table.

If you’re certain you want a rug underneath your table, and the size of the space is adequate – you need to know how to do it right.

What does it mean?

  • Ideally having the capacity to pull your dining chair out, to be able to sit on it and still have the chair’s back legs sitting nicely on the rug.
  • If the legs are hanging out onto the floor, the rug is too small and a larger rug is needed.

Calculations wise, your rug needs to sit at a 60cm minimum from the edge of your tabletop. If the rug is close to hitting the perimeters of the dining room – it’s time to accept the room (or space) is too small for a rug.


Marble and Leather Side Table

Too many chairs

There’s a sweet spot when it comes to getting the dimensions of a dining table right and envisioning how many seats (and people) will comfortably fit around it.

The keyword here is ‘comfortably.’ Remember, you will likely never have as much space as you think.

What should you do?

  • Allow for a gap of 20cm between each chair
  • Consider an oval or round table if you’re planning to entertain a lot of people, a lot of the time.

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Going it alone

When it comes to divinely decorating dining rooms, the easiest mistake people make is doing it alone.

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