Nuvola S

Nuvola S

Studio Rolf Benz

Rolf Benz

It can feel so wonderful simply to fall back and let go of veryday stresses. Now it’s more comfortable than ever before – with the new Lounge Deluxe seating comfort, a superbly soft and casual-looking upholstery that offers blissfully gentle, easy seating. It comprises three anatomically shaped foams, a mat on top made from high-tech fibres, encased in a generous cassette chamber configuration with additional viscose foam and a carefully made, three-layer fleece ticking composite as the cover. To accommodate every seating preference, the tried-and-tested Lounge Plus seating comfort is available as an alternative and features a calmer surface. Additional cushions ensure perfect relaxation in any position: for example back cushions with a stitched-on neck roll for true upright seating comfort.




Available in several sofa sizes.

The Rolf Benz 987 models are the ideal supplement to the Rolf Benz NUVOLA sectional sofa. The table can be linked to the upholstered elements and stand both between the modules and as an addition on the end. The shelving unit provides a handy storage surface behind the sofa. The tops are available in solid oak or solid walnut. To match Rolf Benz NUVOLA, the frames are available in traffic black, umbra grey or polished chrome.

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