Volo MS

Volo MS


Rolf Benz

Discover a new perspective on life and enjoy the exquisite feeling of luxurious lightness and superlative comfort with the Rolf Benz VOLO sofa range. As a modular and flexible sofa system, it satisfies discerning demands in terms of comfort and, with its Lounge Deluxe upholstered version, is ideal for lovers of a casual look. The construction of the Lounge Plus upholstery offers maximum comfort to those who prefer a more tranquil surface.


Customised additions – Rolf Benz 933 and Rolf Benz 932 offer further options for the Rolf Benz VOLO comfort range. An ideal addition is the Rolf Benz 933 side table, which can be positioned next to the sofa or as a harmonious element in-between.The Rolf Benz 933 shelving unit provides an especially practical storage surface on the back or side of the sofa.

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Available in several sofa sizes

The rolls integrated into the back cushions provide support in lower lumbar area, thus allowing especially comfortable reclining and perfectly balancing the models generous seat depth. The optional raised back cushions with a further roll, which lies on top of the sofa back, allow particular high-backed comfort.

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