The playful house, Melbourne.

Architect: Martin Friedrich Architects

Lighting (Throughout): @ultimo_interiors

Art (Dining Room): @kerryarmstrong

Photography: Derek Swalwell

Cutting a fine, sinuous figure in Melbourne’s leafy Brighton, Martin Friedrich Architects creates a home full of fun and impact, with ample space for an active family of five. Residences run the full gamut of architectural styles in the tree-lined avenues of well-to-do Brighton. Grand old heritage mansions on one hand; stark, box-like contemporary builds on the other. With soaring white curves and a striking façade, Playful House certainly distinguishes itself from its neighbours. And beyond the grand gestures at the exterior, its finer details make for a thoughtful design specifically tailored to its inhabitants.

Impressed by Martin Friedrich Architects’ previous residential work in the local area, Jessica and her husband Chris approached the practice for what was initially planned as a fairly conservative renovation. But with the original structure in poor condition, it became clear that a complete overhaul was necessary – serendipitously providing the architects with something of a dream brief.“It’s what I’ve always wanted to do – a really creative house made of beautiful flowing lines,” says Martin Friedrich. “And we were fortunate enough to be able to do that here.”

One quality that defines the house is the builders’ seamless workmanship visible at every turn. A sliding door track that transitions from indoors into the backyard is perfectly level underfoot, the Corian benchtop outdoors extends flush to the house. Martin is particularly proud of the sharp angles and curves expertly rendered by Matt Trihey and the team at 1186 Builders.