The Do’s and Don’ts for Summertime Interior Design

The summer months in Perth, in your home can be simply stunning if you let it! 

It doesn’t have to be too hot to entertain or too hot to enjoy the pleasures of your home, and it doesn’t have to be too hot to re-decorate and revamp your interior design either. 

Want to know a list of do’s and don’ts for interior design in the summertime? 

Read more from Perth’s luxury furniture specialists at Ultimo Interiors to find out. 

Do: Make a statement

Make a statement in your interior design. Accents sound beautiful in language but look beautiful too in the realm of colour.

How to achieve this in the summer?

A splash of colour in the living room or kitchen with a feature wall or splashback.

Enhance the energy and ambience with luxury European furniture in Perth.

May we suggest browsing the Petite Friture range found at Ultimo Interiors? A design collaboration, these accents and statements of furniture focus on beauty, light and delicate touches, much like how we want our summer relaxation to feel, too.

Do: Shake things up with on-trend colours

Adjust your eyes to the brightness of summer, but also adjust them to a new interior design look.

The colours predicted to be ‘in’ throughout 2021 are shades of green like sage green, green foliage and bluish green to invoke natural, environmental calm and tranquillity.

Greys, beige and neutrals still have their place, due to their easy combination with classic and luxury European furniture additions.

The Italian furniture Perth specialists at Ultimo Interiors suggest shaking colours up and combining your desired colour with the flexible functionality of a ROLF BENZ sofa.

Do: Take it outside

If you have a patio or other outdoor shaded area in your backyard, it’s safe to say it is (or should be) your summer entertaining destination.

Take interior design outside this summer with flawless, contemporary outdoor furniture design.

The ROYAL BOTANIA range combines quality, harmony and design to refresh and pay homage to lush, royal, botanical gardens.

It’s time to lounge around, entertain and dine outdoors this summer with investment in a luxury Italian furniture Perth range.

Don’t: Hide away indoors

Open windows, blinds and curtains to let the bright, light and warmth in.

Not only will you feel better, your home will feel airier and more spacious, too.


Don’t: Neglect your black furniture

Black is always in style, but if you know black and you know leather, you know how hot this combination can get. A black, leather lounge roasting by a large, light-filled window is not a pleasant experience for an unsuspecting person.

Instead, consider a throw blanket over your black and leather furniture, or invest in new, fabric luxury furniture in Perth.


Do: Visit Ultimo Interiors luxury furniture Perth showroom

Need interior design inspiration? Unhappy with stock-standard furniture stores?

It’s time to open your home and heart to the Perth luxury Italian furniture showroom at Ultimo Interiors.

Ultimo Interiors will ensure your home is a sanctuary, rain, hail or shine.


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