Want to stylise your shelving? Here’s how


Shelves are a widely used way to decrease floor space clutter. With shelving, you can easily store and display items in your home, business, shop or elsewhere.

More than just a plane to put things, shelving has great potential to enhance overall décor, allow stress-free, easily reachable access and efficient organisation.

Naturally, there are practices and items to avoid when it comes to shelving, and item placements to encourage.

Want to know how to successfully stylise your shelving?

Read more from the Perth luxury furniture team at Ultimo Interiors to discover how.

Stay balanced

Organisation is a must to create balance within interior settings. So, keep the elements of your shelving symmetrical – whether it’s built-in, stand-alone or bookcase shelving.

Let’s say you put a beloved photo frame on one end of the shelf. Do the same on the other end.

Balance your shelves to enhance décor harmony and happiness within your interiors.


Steer clear of clutter

If there’s one thing to know about interior design, it’s that less is always more. The same applies to your shelving units – they look their best without clutter.

What should you do?

  • Decorate your shelving with only essential style items
  • Focus too, on one dominant colour.

Imagine emerald green is your room’s feature colour. It makes absolute style sense to utilise accent items in that shade. For example, candles, trinket bowls and boxes and even a plant or two incorporated on your shelving will keep the appearance cohesively making sense.


Marble and Leather Side Table

Showcase your life and style

Don’t let the mission to avoid clutter deter your accessorising efforts.

You can still showcase your life, style and lifestyle on your shelving – just don’t overcrowd/overdo it.

Consider the following:

  • Travel mementos
  • Your favourite framed artwork(s)
  • Decorative bowls and plates (in moderation)
  • Antique and/or ‘coffee table books’ that you envisage will start a conversation.

Display what you love and what will effortlessly complement with your interior design.


Add variety and visual interest

One of the main principles of interior design is that of visual interest. Essentially, you want you and your guests to find something that catches their eye (in a good way).

How can this be achieved with your shelving?

  • Incorporate short, medium and tall items.
  • For example, if adding books, don’t just stack them together at the same height. Instead mix and match their heights and placement to keep eyes moving and keep it fresh.

With the right style mediums, advice and implementation – your shelving really will pop.

Now you need only to find the right shelving to enhance your interiors.


Ultimo Interiors have the stylish shelving units you need

Your local, European furniture Perth specialists have the shelving units you need to embrace cohesive luxury in your home or office.

Let’s explore a selection of what’s on offer:

  • Loft by Cattelan Italia for free-standing shelving options
  • Drop by Cattelan Italia which is a striking way to display books or your favourite bottles of drop
  • Airport by Cattelan Italia for customisable finishes and integration to service your space.


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