4 Stylish Storage Solutions for Smaller Spaces


From the mid 20th century and into the present day, the ‘less is more’ approach to interior design materialised.

While of course, it’s more than okay to have a collection of possessions, how you store them has become the be all and end all question.

Storing smaller and seasonal ‘stuff’ away, but within reach, is a must in a stylish, modern home.

Interested to find out stylish storage solutions for smaller spaces?

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Bed storage

No, this doesn’t mean storing things under your bed to collect dust and dirt – think within the bed frame, instead. If you’re wanting to find new ways to store your items, invest in some pull-out drawers to organise them efficiently.

Now you can store:

  • Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Toys and more with ease.

Looking for a quality bed with storage? Look no further than the BRICK design by Novamobii, quality Italian furniture that comes with a storage base option.

Marble and Leather Side Table

Coffee table storage

From the bedroom, we move to towards the living room. Your living room should exude a sense of calm, relaxation and purpose. Once your living room starts to overflow with all your items, you will begin to lose this feel.


With your coffee table, you can store away:

  • Remote controls,
  • Magazines and books,
  • Arts, crafts, and
  • Any other smaller items you so desire.

Need a sophisticated coffee table for your living area?

Consider the ALLOUT by Novamobii. While frequently utilised as a bedside table, this circular table also serves fantastically as a coffee table, with plenty of storage space inside.



Ottoman storage

We’re not quite done with the living room just yet. Is your coffee table not holding everything you need? Why not try an ottoman?

Ottomans are more than just functional as a stool or footstool, many come with in-built and discreet storage. By lifting the top up with a tab, you’ll find ample storage to put anything from small throw rugs and board games to other miscellaneous items you just quite haven’t found the spot for.

An ottoman here or there is a great way to add storage solutions in smaller spaces.


Shelving storage

The best thing about shelves is that they can be used all throughout the house. Shelving options with doors to shut your items away are recommended for seamless minimalism within your home.

Shelves are great:

  • In the kitchen for excess utensils, glassware and crockery,
  • In the bedroom for clothing, and
  • In dedicated storage spaces for linen and other items.

Looking for stylish shelving storage?

Look no further than Mega Cabinetry by Hulsta, which boasts sliding accent doors and lights, available in wool white, oak and blue glass. Mega Cabinetry will be an impressive feature in your living room, as would the NEO cabinetry by Hulsta which an excellent in sophisticated dining spaces.



Ultimo Interiors have the storage solutions you need

Do you have a smaller home and need to be smart with your storage? Or do you have a lot of miscellaneous items that would benefit from being stored away, but still in reach?

Either way, Ultimo Interiors have the right European furniture that combines style and storage.

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