One home – two looks!

Originally shot as a display home with a fresh, young and colourful scheme to suit a vibrant young family home in a coastal beach location. Then the home was then completely reset with the design scheme from ultimo that had been crafted to suit the home owners.

This second skin of the same home harnessed a more sophisticated palette, darker tones, more timber and an art selection that reflected the family’s connection the coast and in particular to Rottnest island with photographic works and oil paintings to complete the feel.

Guaranteeing you a truly unique and authentic interior, visit Ultimo to see how our tram can find the perfect pieces and construct a recipe for your home that reflects your family and enhances the way you live every day.


Furniture: Ultimo Interiors

Architect and Builder: Giorgi

Photographer: Solutions Plus

Interior Concept and Stylist: Ultimo Design Team