South Perth I

When home and interior design blend seamlessly

Downsizing on to a small plot is always going to be the right choice if you partner with a fluid team of architect, builder and interior designer. A team that is able to interpret, visualise and then deliver the best version of the forever home you want. Every space maximises function. Every lifestyle need and want can be met. And every sensitivity to site is given attention such that views, breezes, light and passive solar considerations are fully realised.

In this Giorgi-built home the elevation has been harnessed to give surprising vista’s back to the Swan River and spectacular warmth from the northern light. Clever detailing means window levels and heights draw in neighbouring landscaping and tree tops. As such, maximum floorspace is achieved whilst the home still feels open to the environment outside, surrounded by maintenance free foliage. An intelligent lightness and sophisticated palette pull the homes striking features and proportions together. From the warm Lloyd Wright-esque roman bricks to the skillion roof opening up to the northern light, this home will be a joy to discover, room by room.

Ultimo Interiors Creative Director Andrew Thornton Hick has pulled the walnut timber through the home, adding planar surfaces in solid, raw-edge timber to let the beauty of the material shine. Chevron fabric patterns on the dining chairs echo the skillion ceiling angle which is further mirrored in the Mokum fabrics on the custom designed ottoman and cushions. Art work selected to draw through the warm tones of the brick work and the fusion of blue skies and earth tones. Even the Master Bed draws on the angled ceiling and floats elegantly off the floor. As the garden establishes itself, the literal boundaries between yard and sky will merge to further embed this home in to its surroundings seamlessly.