Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Living Room Sofa

Your living room is where you go to relax, perhaps watching a movie or sitting down, having a catch-up with friends. 

A sofa, couch, lounge or whatever you may call it, is often the centrepiece of the living room, an essential element to the style and functionality 

But how do you choose the perfect living room sofa for you? 

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Choosing the right sofa size

Before you go out and buy any sofa for your living room – know how big it can and should be with reference to your living room space. 

Here’s how to narrow it down: 

  1. Room size 

It’s never a good idea to pick an excessively large sofa for such a small living room space. 

Take the room layout, dimensions, space already taken up (or planned to be taken up) by other furnishings, and movement around the room into consideration. 

  1. Intended use 

To relax and recharge and/or entertain guests – a living room sofa serves many purposes. 

Identify what intended use best serves you. An entertaining extraordinaire? A bigger sofa will ensure everyone is comfortable, or perhaps even a sofa set? An intimate introvert? A smaller sofa would be perfect for you to curl up with a good book or to watch a movie. 

Remember, practicality and harmonious interior design go hand in hand. 

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Choosing the model and materials

Know your intended use and have an idea of the sofa style you would like? It’s time to go back to the room layout to pick the perfect model of sofa for you. 

Here are some points to consider: 

  • An L shaped sofa or a living room sofa with a chaise lounge may be calling your name, yet it might be ‘too much’ based upon your layout. Then again, it may be perfect! 
  • Strongly unbalanced proportions in a living room may repel harmony, relaxation and a general avoidance of the room. 
  • Choose its position well, as a sofa is often the centre point of a living room. 

Now, on to your intended fabrics and materials. Leather or fabric? Wood or metal bases? This all goes down to intended use and your overall style theme in the living room and throughout your home. 

Did you know you can combine classic with functionality? Contemporary design with luxury appeal? 

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