Why Cramped for Space Doesn’t Have to Cramp Your Style

Many of us are choosing apartment living for a variety of reasons, from locale to lifestyle, to not needing a large space to live in. 

With apartment, unit, or townhouse living, there’s of course, less space than a standard suburban lot. 

However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up your interior tastes and comfortable, lavish living because you’re moving or have moved to a smaller abode. 

Want to know why and how cramped for space doesn’t have to cramp your style? 

Read more from the specialists in luxury furniture in Perth at Ultimo Interiors to find out. 

Dining room furniture for compact spaces 

When choosing dining chairs for an apartment or other smaller home, you will want to avoid bulky seating and seating arrangements, going instead for compact, space-maximising alternatives. 

For example: 

  • Rolling chairs and 
  • Stackable chairs give ultimate flexibility in allowing you to save space when not in use. 

Now, explore your table options. Dining tables come in a range of different shapes, sizes and styles. 

Remember, you don’t have to opt for traditional. Your dining room is entirely yours to envision. 

Have you considered a bar table? These are often slim, narrow and ideal for a small number of bar stools to sit comfortably around it. 

While you may not have a designated dining room in your home, clever space-saving luxury dining room furniture doesn’t have to be thrown out. 

Talk to the specialists in luxury Italian furniture in Perth at Ultimo Interiors for advice and guidance. 

Be smart in separating your spaces 

It’s the small touches that make a house (or apartment) a home. In the era of open plan living, it can be hard to separate living from dining. 

How can you achieve separated spaces? 

  • Distinguish one space from another with artwork and design choices, 
  • Utilise a luxe rug, and buy an expertly crafted coffee table to identify living from dining, 
  • Use a stylish mirror and equally stylish and functional floating shelves. 

Take the NOVAMOBILI collection, with furniture that’s diversified in style. Their storage systems are perfect for organising apartments and decluttering. 

Living, dining, preparing meals, slumbering and washing should all be dedicated, separate areas of your space. It’s all possible with clever interior design and luxury furniture in Perth. 


5 tips for furniture in your smaller space 

Need more guidance on navigating the decoration and functionality of your smaller space? 

Here’s 5 more tips on the house: 

  1. Don’t purchase on a whim, 
  1. Measure your areas, 
  1. Only get what is necessary, 
  1. Consider smart, multi-purpose furniture, and 
  1. Embrace the nooks, windows and corners of your home. 

Ultimo Interiors are here to help breathe a little fresh air and sprinkle essence of you in your home. 

You don’t have to own a mansion to own luxury furniture; you just need to appreciate your living space and have a desire for luxury Italian furniture that will effortlessly impress and serve you for years to come. 


Need luxury furniture in Perth? Contact Ultimo Interiors to find quality-crafted Italian furniture to complement your space and achieve your individual requirements.