4 style ideas for a warm and welcoming living area

A living area is where you can do anything from relax and unwind to entertain and catch-up with friends. Whether an inviting retreat for yourself or for your guests, a living room should be aesthetically and practically appealing to all.

Want to know how to make your living area both warm and welcoming?

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Know your colours

Classic and contemporary styles combine to enhance warmth and welcomeness to living areas.

As colours provide great influence on how we all perceive space, it’s wise to know what colours to use to adorn your living area walls and furnishings.

Consider these lighter shades:

  • White, ivory and dove grey
  • Soft pink, pastel pink or powder pink
  • Beige and greys.

If you need help deciding what colours work best, Ultimo Interiors interior design and decorator services have the style answers you seek.


Look to the layout

Relaxing cosiness, with a warm and welcoming vibe – that’s what many homeowners desire for their living rooms and areas.

To do so, you must create a layout that both respects and balances the space.

How to achieve this:

  • By keeping the area uncluttered, of course, and
  • Keeping the floor space empty between cabinetry for order and cleanliness.

An uncluttered, clean and tidy living area layout will keep the space fresh and allow each and every furniture item to stand out as it should.

Marble and Leather Side Table

Utilise decorative but purposeful lighting

Anyone who knows a thing or two about interior design knows that lighting plays a key role when it comes to blending style and functionality.

There’s plenty of lighting pendants that maximise visibility and comfort without compromising on the aesthetics of the living area.

Consider the below lighting options for your living area:

The materials that work well in living rooms when it comes to lighting are copper, crystal, glass and metal. For extra warmth and welcoming, you can opt for scented candles for their delicious aroma and delightful ambience, just be careful when they’re in use.


Choose comfort

Nothing says warm and welcoming than a cosy, comfortable couch. The seating chosen for your living room should be an authentic expression, such as European or Italian sofa lounges.

Here are some style choices to consider:

  • Square cut collections to encourage an assertive, refined atmosphere
  • Or sofa lounges with classic lines for enriched elegance and a sophisticated feel.

Enveloping softness and quality ergonomics are all afforded to you when you utilise luxury European furniture in your living area.


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